Them Bites Recipes

Pickled carrots in a clear bowl

Pickled Carrots

These bright, delicious pickled carrots add a sour and sweet crunch to grains, salads, proteins, sandwiches, and more. Pickling vegetables is so easy and they

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Broccoli melts on a white plate

Broccoli Melt Recipe

Quick pickled red onions takes this easy broccoli melt recipe to the next level. When cooking feels like too much, this vegetable grilled cheese recipe

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Two Spam musubis on a white plate

Spam Musubi Recipe

Fluffy rice topped with a sweet and salty glazed Spam wrapped in seaweed, Spam musubi is a delicious on-the-go snack. I love making Spam musubi

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chip dip with potato chips

Chip Dip

With caramelized onions and bright herbs, this chip dip outshines the store-bought variety any day and is the perfect snack. We are a pro chip

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An open Tuna melt sandwich on a baking sheet

Classic Tuna Melt

This open-faced tuna melt is crunchy, cheesy, comforting, and comes together in just a few minutes with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.

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Chicken larb served in a lettuce cup with rice

Chicken Larb

This chicken larb recipe is packed with bright, beautifully contrasting flavors and quickly comes together for a delicious weeknight dinner. What is larb Larb is

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tray of red chicken enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas

These chicken enchiladas, bathed in a delicious, vibrant red sauce, are guaranteed to please and perfect for meal prep too. This chicken enchilada casserole uses

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red enchilada sauce in a white bowl

Enchilada Sauce

Dried Mexican chilies give this delicious red enchilada sauce recipe its vibrant color and bold flavor, making it perfect for making your favorite enchiladas. This

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plate of butter chicken and rice

Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter chicken is a popular Indian recipe for good reason- it’s creamy, flavor-packed, and comforting that will leave your family wanting seconds. Butter chicken Also

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cube steak recipe

Cube Steak Recipe

Floured, seasoned and fried in a skillet, this cube steak recipe is testament to how a cheap, humble cut of meat can transform into something

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cabbage rolls

Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Granny-approved, these Eastern European-inspired stuffed cabbage rolls are comforting, satisfying, and feed a crowd. If you’ve never made cabbage rolls before, you’re missing out. Maybe

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A picture showing a bowl of guacamole, on top of a plate with tortilla chips.

Guacamole FAQ

Ever wondered what guacamole tastes like? Maybe you’re curious as to where it came from? This page will answer those questions and more!

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Salmon Rice Bowl Recipe

Salmon Rice Bowl Recipe

This salmon rice bowl recipe comes together quickly for a healthy, delicious lunch or dinner (and gluten free!). It’s savory, crunchy, pickled, and fresh all in one satisfying bowl.

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