Homemade Chicken Bones Stock Recipe

Chicken stock in a storage container

It’s so easy to make delicious chicken stock using Chicken Bones and leftovers. Homemade chicken stock is rich in flavor, packed with nutrients, and will save you money. A rich stock is the sneaky hero of so many tasty soups, gravies, stews, casseroles, and more. It adds depth of flavor and richness to any dish […]

Chicken Larb

Chicken larb served in a lettuce cup with rice

This chicken larb recipe is packed with bright, beautifully contrasting flavors and quickly comes together for a delicious weeknight dinner. What is larb Larb is a kind of Lao meat salad; in fact, larb is the national dish of Laos. This dish is also eaten in other Southeastern Asian countries, like Thailand, where Lao have […]

Chicken Bouillon Powder Recipe

Chicken bouillon powder with blended up, in a bowl, with a spoon in it.

Flavorful, savory, easy to make, and lasts for months, this homemade chicken bouillon powder will become the go-to seasoning in your pantry.

Chicken Enchiladas

tray of red chicken enchiladas

These chicken enchiladas, bathed in a delicious, vibrant red sauce, are guaranteed to please and perfect for meal prep too. This chicken enchilada casserole uses corn tortillas that took a dip in a rich, vibrant Homemade Enchilada Sauce, then stuffed with chicken and onion. Topped with more delicious red enchilada sauce and some cotija cheese, […]

Butter Chicken Recipe

plate of butter chicken and rice

Butter chicken is a popular Indian recipe for good reason- it’s creamy, flavor-packed, and comforting that will leave your family wanting seconds. Butter chicken Also called chicken makhani, butter chicken is tender, juicy, traditionally grilled (tandoori( chicken cooked in an aromatic, spicy tomato-based sauce.  It is known it was invented in the 1930s at a […]

Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken Wings

grilled cilantro lime chicken wings

A simple marinade makes for a super flavorful, perfectly charred, smoky grilled cilantro lime chicken wings. If friends are coming over and we’re lighting up charcoal for the grill, chances are very high that we’re making these grilled cilantro lime wings.  This easy marinade brings all the flavor, while grilling transforms them into crispy, slightly […]