10 Incredible Japanese Side Dishes To Incorporate Into Your Holiday Meals

Spicy Enoki Mushroom Recipe

spicy enoki mushroom
This spicy enoki mushroom recipe is fragrant, satisfying, and easy to make.

This dish features enoki mushrooms, slender and delicate fungi known for their mild taste and unique texture. The spicy twist in the recipe introduces a delightful kick, making it a perfect appetizer or side dish. The mushrooms are likely to absorb the spicy elements, creating a harmonious blend of heat and umami.

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Recipe

Din Tai Fung Cucumber Recipe
This copycat Din Tai Fung cucumber recipe is light and refreshing.

Inspired by the renowned Din Tai Fung restaurant, this cucumber dish is a refreshing and crunchy option. Din Tai Fung is famous for its delicate dumplings, and this cucumber recipe reflects the restaurant’s commitment to simple yet exquisite notes. Expect a light and cooling sensation, making it an ideal accompaniment to heartier dishes.

Easy Seaweed Salad Wakame

Wakame is a type of edible seaweed commonly used in Japanese cuisine. This easy seaweed salad brings a taste of the ocean to your holiday table. The wakame is typically rehydrated and seasoned with a balanced combination of elements, resulting in a slightly sweet and umami-rich salad.

Miso Baked Oysters

Oysters take center stage in this dish, elevated by a miso glaze. Miso, a traditional Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans, adds depth and complexity to the briny oysters. The baking process enhances the umami notes, creating a quick and easy yet sophisticated West Coast-inspired appetizer.


Easy Miso Soup

Miso soup is a staple in Japanese cuisine, known for its comforting and nourishing qualities. This gluten-free version simplifies the traditional recipe, featuring a broth enriched with miso paste. The soup often includes tofu, seaweed, and green onions, providing a warm and soothing addition to your holiday spread.

Miso Aubergine

Aubergine, or eggplant, takes on a rich and flavorful profile with this miso-glazed preparation. The miso marinade imparts a deep umami taste to the tender aubergine, creating a satisfying dish that can serve as both a side or a vegetarian main course.

Agedashi Tofu Recipe

Agedashi tofu is a Japanese dish where cubes of tofu are lightly coated in potato starch and deep-fried until golden brown. The resulting texture is crispy on the outside while maintaining a silky interior. The dish is typically served with a flavorful dashi-based sauce, providing a delightful contrast of textures and tastes.

Spicy Kani Salad Recipe

Kani, or crab, is the star of this spicy salad. The dish often features a mix of fresh crab, spicy mayo, and crunchy vegetables. The combination of textures and elements creates a dynamic salad that adds a zesty and spicy element to your holiday table.

Tekka Maki Recipe

Tekka maki is a classic sushi roll, and this recipe guides you through creating the iconic tuna roll at home. With a perfect balance of vinegared rice, nori (seaweed), and fresh tuna, the tekka maki offers a taste of traditional Japanese sushi, making it a great addition to any sushi lover’s holiday feast.

Soy Marinated Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms are marinated in a soy-based sauce, infusing them with a savory and umami-rich taste. The marinade likely includes ingredients like soy sauce, garlic, and possibly mirin or sake. These soy-marinated shiitake mushrooms offer a delectable and earthy addition to your holiday spread, appealing to both mushroom enthusiasts and those seeking a unique umami experience.


Incorporating these Japanese side dishes into your holiday menu not only introduces a diverse range of tastes but also allows you to explore the nuances of Japanese cuisine.

From the delicate crunch of cucumber to the rich umami of miso-glazed dishes, each recipe brings a unique and delicious element to your festive celebrations.

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